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David Perry
David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week..
  • What happens when online brands face reality of in-store competition?

    Online mattress brands are now making their way into brick-and-mortar stores, a development that seems logical as the mattress industry navigates its way through a rapidly changing landscape where bricks are increasingly meeting clicks, and vice versa. But how will those online brands fare when they emerge from the virtual world, where clever marketing and the power of imagination can create compelling images, and face the harsh reality of competitive models? That’s an issue that bedding veterans have been discussing for a while now, and it’s one we will be following closely in the months to come. There ... Read More
  • Bedding veterans challenge one-size-bed-fits-all claims

    This week’s column will tell you everything that you need to know about everything in the mattress business. Yes, this one-size-fits-all column neatly covers every key issue in the industry. Wait, you don’t believe one column can do all of that? Well, would you believe this: One mattress can meet every customer’s sleep needs? Many online retailers do assert that the single mattress they offer is the perfect mattress for everyone, and they are growing rapidly by touting that story, among others. But many bedding veterans challenge that line of thinking, noting that comfort is subjective and ... Read More
  • 5 business lessons Ed Lilly teaches today

    One of the highlights of our recent Bedding Conference was our presentation of a Lifetime Bedding Achievement Award to Ed Lilly, who has distinguished himself throughout his 40-plus years in the industry. During our video tribute to Lilly, which we aired during the awards dinner, we heard salutes from bedding leaders who have worked with Lilly for decades and attested to his record of achievement. They spoke of his passion, his integrity and his professionalism. As I listened to those tributes, and to the gracious acceptance speech that Lilly made a short time later, I was struck by some of ... Read More
  • Top 15 pacesetters in market share race

    Ashley continues to set a torrid growth pace in the mattress industry, recording a 19% sales gain last year to crack the Top 10 with bedding revenues of $119 million. No other Top 15 bedding producer could match that growth rate. E.S. Kluft, the high-end California-based producer, had the second-best growth year in 2016, posting an 11.3% sales gain and pushing its bedding revenues to $89 million. Those were the only two producers with double-digit sales gains last year. Englander’s 9.3% sales gain was the third-strongest among the Top 15, while Symbol’s 7.4% sales ... Read More
  • GoodBed CEO presents startling stats

    Who is Mike Magnuson, and why is he saying startling things about the online mattress world? For starters, he is the CEO of, which says it is building the world’s largest and most-trusted marketplace for mattress shopping. The company has some impressive statistics to back up that assertion: More than 9 million customers have used to find the right bed, and users have submitted more than 135,000 ratings and reviews to the site, which has more than 1,000 participating companies. Magnuson shared those statistics at Furniture Today’s recent Bedding Conference before he ... Read More
  • Holidays or not, 4 reasons bedding should shine in '17

    Now that we’ve got that big Memorial Day holiday behind us, it’s time to consider a basic question: Can we sell bedding during non-holiday periods? The answer is: If we want to. The bedding category has some particularly favorable winds blowing its way this year, as we noted in a recent special report on consumer buying trends. Among the positives: One in four U.S. households is planning to buy bedding this year. That’s the highest percentage for any home furnishings category. Bedding sales are expected to surge in the South, where 41% of households say they ... Read More
  • 5 key things I learned at 2017 Bedding Conference

    Here are five things I learned at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference: One: “The return on investment of social media is that your business will exist in five years.” That powerful statement was made by our keynote speaker, digital guru Erik Qualman, who got top scores for his talk. Yes, he made a powerful case for the impact of social media in our lives today, talking about the “digital stamp” that we make in the world. But Qualman also said that technology doesn’t erase the need for face-to-face meetings. “You can’t replace lunches and coffees” with digital contacts ... Read More
  • Online marketing guru Qualman sees physical stores' advantages

    Erik Qualman, whose explorations of the online world have earned him the title of the “Digital Dale Carnegie,” is not forecasting the end of brick-and-mortar retailers. Quite the contrary. Those retailers have “huge assets,” he told me. And he cited brick-and-mortar moves by online specialists to make his point. Looking specifically at the world of mattresses, Qualman noted the importance of trying out a bed before buying. And, however compelling the marketing claims of online retailers, the fact remains that consumers can’t lie down on a mattress in cyberspace. There’s another brick-and-mortar store advantage. “Some people want to ... Read More
  • Consumer Views Buying Trends: Bedding again tops the list

    And the good news is: Bedding leads the list of home furnishings on consumers' plan-to-buy lists. By a very wide margin. As the industry gears up for the big Memorial Day holiday that kicks off its peak selling season, it’s nice to know that consumer demand for mattresses remains high. The pump has been primed. The Consumer Views Buying Trends supplement that was distributed with our April 10-16 issue contains several important bedding insights. Perhaps you missed it as you put together your plans for the High Point Market. (The report is available at our research store if you ... Read More
  • Top mattress tweets in HP: MyPillow, RSAs, Bedgear

    Traffic was light in bedding showrooms, but the Internet was humming at the recent High Point Market. I unleashed a torrent of tweets, more than 60 in total, and included short videos with about one-third of those tweets. A look at my Twitter analytics (a great tool) reveals these top mattress tweets, in order of impressions: “Quick chat with Pillow Prince Mike Lindell.” This tweet was easily the top scorer, generating thousands of impressions and hundreds of engagements. The MyPillow CEO, a familiar face on television thanks to the company’s heavy advertising campaign, was making his first visit to ... Read More
  • Ergomotion, Manwah, MyPillow join High Point bedding scene

    A trio of newcomers will add some spice to the bedding contingent at the High Point Market this week. Two of them are bringing products from China to High Point in an East Meets West pairing. The third features a Made in the U.S. story. The product categories these newcomers feature are adjustable beds, sharply priced mattresses and pillows. Those happen to be three popular categories these days. The newcomers are fast-growing adjustable bed producer Ergomotion, with a big manufacturing complex in China; Chinese manufacturing powerhouse Manwah; and MyPillow, the heavily promoted pillow line. Ergomotion is showing in the ... Read More
  • Growth opportunities abound as peak sales season draws near

    I got a surprising response when I asked a group of retailers the other day if the Tempur Sealy/Mattress Firm divorce would be an opportunity or a challenge for their business. Several raised their hands when I asked if they see the divorce as an opportunity. That’s the response I was expecting. But a number of hands also went up when I asked if some retailers see the divorce as a challenge. That, I admit, was a surprise to me. I thought then, and I continue to think now, that the answer here is straightforward: The departure of ... Read More