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Crowdsourcing: A different way of doing business

When companies crowdsource, they use an external group of people (a crowd) to obtain a needed service or idea. Different than outsourcing, crowdsourced work comes from an undefined public rather than a specific group. While first officially coined... More

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Welcome to PBM Strategic Insight’s blog where we will talk marketing research. This may include general overviews about research and its benefits, studies we have done ourselves, or studies we come across that piques our interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). Please share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion.

Bill McLoughlin

A 4-step furniture store survival guide

The first half of 2017 is in the books, and for many it continues to be a struggle. Almost every week there’s another story about a second, third, fourth-generation family business throwing in the towel. It’s not all gloom and doom how... More

About This Blog

I'm Bill McLoughlin, Editor in Chief at Furniture Today. In the 25 plus years I’ve covered retail the thing I’ve enjoyed most is the people; hearing their stories, learning about their companies and sharing insights on the business. Through this blog I hope to continue that dialogue. Sometimes you may agree with me, sometimes not. But it’s my hope you will find a fresh perspective and perhaps an idea or two that helps improve your business. I welcome your comments and look forward to a long and productive dialogue.
David Perry

What happens when online brands face reality of in-store competition?

Online mattress brands are now making their way into brick-and-mortar stores, a development that seems logical as the mattress industry navigates its way through a rapidly changing landscape where bricks are increasingly meeting clicks, and vice v... More

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David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week.
Cindy Hodnett

Retail shout out: Sheely’s Furniture “gets it” with a tweet

It’s a simple enough concept: create posts that generate follower engagement on social media. But as anyone who has ever contended with embedded algorithms will attest, it’s not always easy. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have teams ... More

About This Blog

As the Upholstery/Style Editor for Furniture/Today, I spend my work hours studying a rainbow of fabrics, the sloping curves of sofa frames and the nail head trim and button accents on a piece of upholstery. I research hundreds of companies who bring these things together for consumers, and I greet every new product introduction with enthusiastic anticipation. It's the perfect professional fit for a writer who once traded Barbie's best ball gown for a brightly-hued 12-inch Dream House bed, and it's a journey I plan to share with F/T readers who understand that furniture is so much more than simply a place to sit. I look forward to reporting on what I see in different markets, and I hope you'll reciprocate by letting me know when something impresses you. Email:
Clint Engel

Stop being a farmer and other takeaways from the Shift Tech Summit

If you’re like me, Farmer Clint, (and you’ll understand that in a bit) the Shift Tech Summit hosted by Amber Engine and Reverie was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. The three-day event in downtown Detroit brought together... More

About This Blog

Hello! I’m Clint Engel senior retail editor at Furniture/Today, where I cover all things retail. I’ll use this blog to offer my thoughts on both the furniture retail scene and general retail, but more importantly, as a vehicle to bring in and link to other ideas and sources of information that could prove useful to you. I hope you’ll use this space to share your thoughts, too. Also feel free to contact me directly at or 336-605-1129.
Thomas Russell

Question of duties: Plywood debate divides industry

Headlines regarding an antidumping case against Chinese made hardwood plywood and decorative veneers may remind many in the industry of a similar debate in the furniture industry in 2003, when U.S. bedroom manufacturers brought their own antidumpi... More

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Tom Russell Associate Editor I’m Tom Russell and have worked at Furniture/Today since August 2003. Since then, I have had covered the international side of the business from a logistics and sourcing standpoint. Since then, I also have visited several furniture trade shows and manufacturing plants in Asia, which has helped me gain some perspective about the industry in that part of the world. As I continue covering the import side of the business, I look forward to building on that knowledge base through conversations with industry officials and future overseas plant tours overseas. From time to time, I will file news and other industry perspectives on-line and, as always, welcome your response to these Web postings. (to view or add public comments click on "Add your Comment" below each blog post)
Powell Slaughter

Trump gets busy: New administration has furniture industry’s attention

It didn’t take President Donald J. Trump long to start putting into effect campaign promises made regarding regulation and international trade. We’re talking the new administration’s first week in the White House.When it comes t... More

About This Blog

I’m Powell Slaughter, senior editor at Furniture/Today. I returned to the publication in January 2015 after nine years of writing about furniture retail strategies and best practices at a monthly magazine focusing on home furnishings retail operations. Prior to that, I spent 10 years with F/T covering wood furniture, the last five of those as case goods editor. While I cover occasional, home entertainment and home office here, a major responsibility is expanding our attention to the logistics side of the industry. I hope this blog will encourage a dialogue with retailers, vendors, third-party logistics specialists and carriers. I’d love to hear your ideas, concerns and suggestions for smoother flow of material and goods.
Erin Berg

No soul, no brand

A brand is not a singular thing that you do in marketing; it encompasses a number of things — both tangible and intangible — that comprise the soul of your company. What that implies is that there is a soul upon which to bui... More

About This Blog

Hi, I'm Erin Berg, associate editor covering motion upholstery and outdoor. I came to F/T with a marketing background from various industries not related to furniture so I like to think I can bring a different perspective to the business. My blog spot will sometimes be about sharing my ideas and thoughts, and always about inviting yours. I hope to spark conversation because from what I’ve learned about this industry, it’s built on relationships. And relationships start with conversation.

Alex Milstein

The truth about Facebook

Mark Kinsley, VP of marketing, bedding group at Leggett and Platt, gave a presentation at the MegaGroup Conference about stepping up your digital and social marketing. The presentation had great nuggets of actionable information, but it was somet... More

About This Blog

One Stop Shop blog is your number one source for furniture industry tips, advice and how-to’s. From social media guidance to breaking down trends in the industry, One Stop Shop offers solutions and ideas that will help retailers and manufacturers succeed in business. Alex’s millennial tendencies and love for listicles runs deep, but not as deep as his passion for providing useful, helpful and informative solutions.

Have something you want Alex to write about? Contact him on Twitter @FTalexM or by email at

Industry money makers: Mattresses vs. lift chairs

At the April 2017 High Point market, it was interesting to see the contrast in two quite different product categories. Give Tempur-Pedic and Serta credit for creating specialty foam mattresses that consumers responded to and have been willing to ... More

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W.W. "Jerry" Epperson Jr. is a managing director of Mann, Armistead & Epperson Ltd., 119 Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Va., an investment banking and research company that specializes in the furniture sector. Online at
Mike Root

Happy Thanksgiving

The work has been done for 2016. Orders have shipped, ads have been placed, and the holiday season is upon us. I hope it has been a good year for you. We of course still have another month to go, but much of a sales rep’s business this next ... More

About This Blog

Hi, I'm Mike Root, President of Furniture Sales of Mid-America, ( a furniture wholesale company in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. We have been recognized by numerous national furniture factories for sales excellence including multiple Salesman of the Year awards. I currently serve on the Executive Committee of the International Home Furnishings Representative's Association (IHFRA) as well as the CQRID Advisory Board of the Interior Design Society.
I see incredible opportunities for our industry to make a difference in people's lives. It is my intention to share with you positive stories and observations from around the country as they relate to the home furnishings industry. True, this is a blog for furniture representatives. But the reality is that we are all representing the home furnishings industry. Therefore I will write to and for reps, but hopefully the message will resonate with all throughout the industry. My perspective is one of a third generation furniture guy with past experience in retail, rental, and wholesale. I also have the good fortune of working with my father, Emmet Root, who is still active as a rep after almost 60 years.
We also operate a consulting business to help retailers and factories use innovative marketing to capture the attention of the end consumer through the use of direct response marketing and social media ( More information about me can be found on my blog at To contact me by email

11 must-see summer design events

This summer, events staged all around the world will feature the latest in design – from furniture, architecture, textiles, fashion and more. Find out what events will be near you. By Bryan Anthony, Houzz July AIFF: Australian Internati... More

About This Blog

Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.